qastle Smart Alarm

turn any wired alarm system into a smart alarm system simply by replacing the control panel with the qastle Smart Alarm Controller.

reuse existing sensors and devices. we made it easy.
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Serious Security

Security is serious business for you and your family - the system you choose should be as serious about it as you are.

We built Smart Alarm as a wired system because wired is simply far more secure than wireless. We developed technology to make it easy to reuse what you have and we packed it full of security and reliability features so you can rest easy.

Plug & Play Technology

Our patent pending technology detects your zones and sensors and self-configures Smart Alarm to drastically simplify DIY user installation & setup

All Zone Types

Wired alarm systems use nine different zone types, Smart Alarm supports them all including single and double end-of-line resistor zones

Physical Zones

23 physical zones supporting tamper detection, enough to blanket a home in sensors and have as few as one sensor per physical zone

Virtual Zones

Separates sensors on a physical zone into separate virtual zones, no more guessing which door or window opened - now you'll know

Smoke Detectors

NFPA compliant support for both 2-wire and 4-wire smoke detectors and we've built in tamper detection and handy maintenance reminders

Alarm Output

NFPA compliant 12VDC/2A alarm output with built-in tamper detection for alarm output devices such as sounders, bells & sirens

Auxiliary Power

Two 12VDC/5A connections to power keypads, devices and powered sensors such as motion, glass break, vibration & many others

Communications Bus

Supports keypads and expansion devices of select wired alarm systems so you can keep your keypads for arming, disarming & status

Robust Connectivity

Ethernet, Wi-Fi and LTE-M cellular backup and Smart Alarm seamlessly switches between these when internet outages are detected

Advanced Power Management

Supports 12V lead acid battery backup with advanced management & charging and seamless switching between AC & battery


qastle Smart Alarm Controller

A drop in replacement for the control panel circuit board of a traditional wired alarm system that can be installed directly into a lockable metal enclosure if required or desired.

Connections for zones, devices and auxiliary power are positioned for easy access and clearly labeled for easy identification. The screwdriver-actuated clamping mechanism simplifies insertion & removal while providing a secure connection and each connection is protected from high power transients and lightning strikes.

LEDs provide visual indicators while an easy to open cover provides access to a 10 amp replaceable fuse that protects the device from power surge events.

Includes a 60W AC/DC power adapter and a secure keyed slot connector for connecting a 12V lead acid battery for backup power.

qastle Smart Alarm Controller


qastle Smart Alarm App

qastle App

Our app for iOS & Android gives you full control and visibility from anywhere in the world.

Customize your Smart Alarm to suit your needs. Get notified within milliseconds when an alarm is triggered and activity is detected. We built Smart Alarm to be fast, really fast.

You can choose to automate arming & disarming based on schedules and location data. Smart Alarm will arm automatically when all members of your household and invited guests have left the property and disarm automatically when one returns. You can choose to automate arming, disarming or both.

Left the house and forgot to turn on the alarm? If you're using automatic arming you're already covered, if not no problem - you can arm from anywhere with the app.

Accidentally left a window open? We'll notify you, you can choose to exclude that zone so the rest of the zones can be armed.

Set some zones to be armed at all times, best for spaces that are used infrequently and mandatory for smoke detector zones.

Share your system with others. You control who is a member of your household, who is a trusted guest and who has visibility but lacks the ability to arm and disarm.